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Childcare Business Mastery University

Childcare Summer Program Success System

Childcare Summer Program Success System

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Childcare Business Owners Looking To Create A  Successful Summer Program!

Summer is one of the hardest times for a childcare center. The students that are in the school go on vacation or the parents decide to change their school for different reasons. Your childcare enrollment decreases! For this reason, it is important to start early and have a strategic plan in place to find new families in your community. 


The Childcare Summer Program Success System is a training that will help you zero in on the main things that need to be done to get your summer program up and running.

This training talks about;

  • Summer program creation
  • Media & Marketing 
  • Finding parents where they are 
  • 30 events that attract new parents

 As a bonus, we added a 30 day Summer enrollment challenge!

You need a successful summer program, and we are going to help you have one. 

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