• Nadeya W.

    "I just purchased and just from opening the download I saw this that I needed right away to use."

  • Kapetrich M.

    The trainings are always so informative and innovative. I think I’ll do other task while I watch, nope, it requires all my focus and attention to grab the gems you drop! As someone starting a center in the next few months, I’m already ahead of the game.

  • Kiah P.

    Arianne is such a joy to work with! She provides so much knowledge in her field of expertise for directors and owners. Highly recommend using Arianne as a consultant in your child care center!

  • Tracey M.

    Arianne shared so many valuable gems of information. I was enthralled in every point she made in regards to building my business. She is professional & passionate about what she does.

  • LaToya T.

    The information provided by Arianne is indispensable! When she says her goal is to have owners not only survive but thrive, she means it. I have been rewatching her trainings constantly and so many things are making sense. Her service is definitely worth the investment.

  • Yolanda O.

    I can hear you and understand you clearly and pay attention and I really enjoy what I'm learning now it gives a lot of different ideas on how to create new things for my Center that I don't have in place

  • Ms.Dobson

    This mastermind was very beneficial personally and for my facility. It motivated me to reflect on the areas I need to improve in as a director, reflect on areas my facility need to improve in, and take the steps needed to, to take my facility to the next level. I learned how to set goals and set deadlines to complete them. I learned how to improve in customer service, marketing and branding and the specific resources to use to accomplish this. I would highly recommend this mastermind for those seeking help in the area of enhancing their child care facilities or just starting a child care facility.

  • Rihanna

    This is more in-depth business education that relates to running a program. I feel that a lot of trainings I attend is more on ECE in the classroom and after doing those for 9 years there isn’t much available that focuses on running the actual business.

    Yes, I have learned a lot in just the first module that I hadn’t known before!

  • Dolores

    This course is very informative. I have learned so much in just the first module. Wednesday group coaching is nice because of the open dialogue. Everything is good in this course.