The Ultimate Guide To Building a Customer Loyalty Program For Parents

The Ultimate Guide To Building a Customer Loyalty Program For Parents

Building a customer loyalty program for parents is not a decision that should be taken lightly. When you create an experience for your current families, they will be sure to tell others so that they can have the same experience. This guide will help you start a parenting loyalty program without mistakes.

The key to an effective customer loyalty program is to be sure to take the time to build a community. When you build community with the parents in your center this gives them a sense of belonging to your center. 

Your efforts need to be genuine and consistent so that your childcare center becomes thee child care center of choice for each and every family in your center. This means they are so pleased with the experience they are going to make sure that their family and friends only choose your center for their child care needs.

Here are some tips that you can help you create your own customer loyalty program:

  1. Give parents in your school a special name
  2. Host Events- That they can socialize
  3. Highlight Big Accomplishments, such as birthdays, graduations, new baby, etc.
  4. Host Breakfast Once A Month
  5. Include Parents To Spread The Word

Your loyalty program is a way to build a network of parents that will always come back to your center and spread the word which is absolutely free. 

In our training Childcare Business C.P.R we have proven strategies that will help you create an unforgettable parent experience. Creating this type of experience will almost guarantee that you get more families enrolled into your program through word of mouth.  

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