How To Create A Parent Loyalty Program at Your Childcare Center?

How To Create A Parent Loyalty Program at Your Childcare Center?

The competition for childcare is higher than ever before. With so many choices available, parents are looking for childcare centers that offer more than just basic care. They want programs that will provide their children with a well-rounded education and a safe, nurturing environment.

To attract and retain families, many childcare centers are now offering loyalty programs. These programs provide parents with discounts, rewards, and other benefits for continued enrollment. If you’re thinking about starting a parent loyalty program at your childcare center, here are a few tips to get you started.

  1.  First Impressions matter- Take the time to think about what can make your center stand out when a parent registers for your childcare program. You want parents to keep that memorable experience in their minds. Things like having a welcome box with the school merch in it, assigning a parent buddy, or even giving them a call that first week to see how their week went. These are all ideas you can implement now.
  2.  Host events that build community- events help parents network and it is great because they have something in common, the school.
  3.  Build a referral Program- Think of incentives that will encourage parents to want to spread the word about your childcare program. When parents love the environment that their children are in they will love to express that feeling to everyone they know. Incentives such as payments for newly registered families or money off tuition are great incentives to get started.


Referral programs keep parents coming back and your list growing.

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