7 Ways To Convert More Tours

7 Ways To Convert More Tours

It takes a lot of convincing for parents to hand over their precious children to an unknown entity for a few hours each day. They need to be sure you will take care of them, their children will be safe, and the quality of the education is high. What can you do to convert more tours into registration? 

Tours help parents make a decision about their childcare needs. There are a number of reasons why tours don’t convert but over the years I have taken notes on a few things that convert tours consistently. 

  1. Declutter Your Classrooms
  2. Have set times that you dedicate to hosting tours
  3. Make families feel welcomed when they come for a tour 
  4. Make sure classrooms are neat, smell good and are visually appealing
  5. Know your tour script 
  6. Make sure all your social platforms are updated 
  7. Create a followup plan

These are just a few things that can change the tour experience at your childcare center and convert more visitors into registered families. In the our training Childcare Business C.P.R  we can help you put this plan together. If you want to convert more tours, our training will help you. 

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