5 Ways To Increase Your Childcare Business Visibility With Social Media

5 Ways To Increase Your Childcare Business Visibility With Social Media

According to the BLS, childcare businesses are expected to grow by 23% by 2022. This is one of the top 10 fastest growing industries in the United States, and with good reason: childcare is an essential service that more and more parents rely on. But if you read between the lines, this is bad news. Any industry growing at almost two times the normal rate is bound to have competition. And more competition means more customers. But how do you get more customers to your childcare business?

Social media is free marketing. Of course their are paid ways to use social media to amplify your childcare presence but let’s start with the free options. Use social media to engage with families with families in your community. Use the 5 tips below to increase your visibility on social media. 

  1. Cohesiveness across all social media. Families should recognize your brand on each platform. 
  2. Complete Your Bio- Make sure your bio’s are complete. A good bio explains what you do briefly and has a call to action. In our program, “Childcare Business Mastery” we will teach you how to do this correctly.
  3. Engagement- Talk to people, answer questions, and show off your experience. Social media is where you come to be social. It’s okay to network and give information. 
  4. Show Your Center- What are the kids learning? What events are taking place? What are the teachers doing? Give an inside view to what is happening in your childcare center. 
  5. Creativity- While educating parents and kids make it fun and informative. Be different! Ex: cooking segment, reading segment, q & a with previous parents, workshops etc. 

The truth is social media can change your childcare business for the better. You can build community and be able to experience childcare enrollment growth in your center. Childcare Business Mastery will help you create a content strategy that will help you stand out in your community as the obvious choice. 

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