5 Events To Attract New Families To Your Child Care Center

5 Events To Attract New Families To Your Child Care Center

As much as many child care center owners may hate to admit it, the truth is you have to create a buzz about your child care center. Families are moving in and out of your community all the time. Your job is to get in front of their face and stand out as must as possible. 

I know what you're thinking, “How am I supposed to stand out when other centers are in my community?”  Well, there are many ways that I can teach you to stand out. My training in my stand-out bundle can get you started. One way that many centers miss the opportunity to stand-out is to hold events at your center. 

Holding events helps to get people in your door. The center is a building, which means it is a venue. You can also sponsor events at other local businesses. This is also another way to fill your pipeline with families in your community, which gives you the opportunity to get in front of them. 

These are 5 events that you can host, that will bring families to your center.

  1. Credit Repair Workshop
  2. Building business credit 
  3. How to start a business?
  4. First-time home buyer 
  5. Resume Repair Workshop

You can host these events if you are capable or you can have a vendor host them at your child care center. Also, the vendor can promote your business to their community as well. 

I hope these tips help you create awareness for your center. If you like these tips email me at hello@childcarebusinessmastery.com, and let me know. 


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