3 Social Media Platforms Childcare Business Owners Should Use!

3 Social Media Platforms Childcare Business Owners Should Use!

Take a deep breath and press the button! The live button that is! Social media has evolved so much from when it first started. Can you think back to when you got your first social media profile? Was it Facebook or myspace? One thing I know is that over time social media has become the #1 place people go to share stories, shop, and get the news!  Social media can also be used to establish brand awareness for your childcare business. 

Childcare business owners are on a tight budget for their centers. They need to advertise their business and try to keep the costs low. Well, the good news is, as long as you are consistent and create content that attracts your ideal parent you can use these free platforms to advertise your childcare business. Using social media for your childcare marketing efforts does not have to be complicated or uncomfortable. 

There are 3 platforms that I feel every childcare business owner should be utilizing for their business. These platforms are Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin! When you use each platform the way it is intended to be used you cannot fail. These platforms are the vehicle and you are the driver. 

Instagram is a picture and video platform. It has so many capabilities that can help drive traffic to your center. Some of those features are highlights, stories, igtv, and the infamous reel feature that has opened up visibility for so many content creators. 

Facebook tells the story and connects with people on a different level. On Facebook, there is the opportunity to have more conversations, share videos, and even build out groups that can be used for free lead generation. 

Linkedin is such an underutilized platform that has so much potential to earn leads. When you understand how Linkedin works and how you can benefit from it you can then understand how a little goes a long way! 

Best of all, on all these platforms you can go LIVE! So don’t be shy hit the button so that your community can see how awesome your childcare center is for their child. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to showcase all the great things you are doing in your center. Social media can be your greatest asset when it comes to lead generation for your business.

By: Arianne Cesar B.S  M.A

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