3 mistakes you are making in your childcare business!

3 mistakes you are making in your childcare business!

Hey Childcare Provider! 

Imagine all families in your community knowing that you are the correct choice when it comes to childcare. Imagine, parents willing to pay to be on your waiting list because they just know that you are the person for the job. Imagine local businesses recommending your services because of your involvement in the community and local businesses. 

Okay now open your eyes! See all of this is possible. Everything that I just said is all possible. The problem is that you don't understand how important it is to STAND OUT in your community. 

The 3 biggest mistakes you are making right now are;

  1. Not making relationships with local businesses in your community. 
  2. Not hosting events at your center to attract new families.
  3. Not having a marketing plan.

Yup, I said it and I mean it, if you are not trying to get better every day then I am not really sure why you want o to be a business owner. I am totally dedicated to making sure your business STANDS OUT in any and every way possible. 

This is the year we are not running away from anything that is meant to serve us. This year we are going to stick out so that our community picks us as the obvious choice.

I know you are going to be great this year.

Arianne Cesar 

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