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Childcare Business Mastery University

The Duck ,Duck, Goose Bundle!

The Duck ,Duck, Goose Bundle!

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If you need help ATTRACTING, NURTURING and REGISTERING new families...This is for you!

Childcare Businesses grow when they have the plan to get, maintain and nurture traffic. You need new people to find out about your business every day! 

When families need childcare, there should be no question about where they should go because everyone knows that you are the obvious choice in the community. 

New families and also families that have lived in your community for a while need to know what you are doing at your center and how great your program is for children. 

If you are a bit lost or confused about what you need to do to start increasing your traffic, have no fear your solution is here. 

The Duck, Duck, Goose Bundle has 7 different trainings that will help you implement some strategies to increase traffic. 

The trainings include:

  1. 10 Places To Find Families
  2. 7 Numbers You Need To Track In Your Childcare Business
  3. 10 Lead Magnets To Attract New Parents
  4. 10 Questions To Incorporate Into Your Tour Strategy
  5. 7 Ways To Use Email Marketing In Your Childcare Center
  6. 3 SOPs Your Childcare Business Needs Right Now
  7. 5 Ways To Make New Families Feel Welcomed 

We are helping you ATTRACT, NURTURE and REGISTER new families. 

"Nothing changes, if nothing changes"-Ari

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